Superior Technology Products

Does it work? Do you have no idea how it works and you don't care? That's the hallmark of a superior technology product.

Robust systems, intuitive usage, ubiquitous access.  The best technologies are nearly invisible. 


Cullen T. M. McGough

Cullen is a digital marketing specialist, web designer and CMS/CRM fanatic with a heavy dose of SQL thrown in for good measure.

A classic jack-of-all-trades, Cullen has had many careers including; traditional wooden boat builder, summer camp director, playwright, graphic designer, commercial fisherman, google adwords/adsense guru, cook, database manager and digital integration consultant.

In his free time, Cullen likes messing about with novel communications technologies, cooking with locally sourced ingredients and binge-reading dystopian authors.

Cullen is currently taking time off to be a stay-at-home dad, but has spent the last five years supporting the fight against cancer as the Communications & Marketing Director for Maine Cancer Foundation.

Cullen lives in Portland, Maine with his wife, Elizabeth and son, Benjamin.